SCM player skins What is life?

I was on the subway and this man got on 2 stops later with a blunt clutched in his fist.  He was hesitant to get on at first but eventually did.  And then as the train is moving he goes out of the compartment and stands there in between train cars.  He then starts to smoke his rolled up masterpiece.  

He really needed to get high.  In fact he was so high, he couldn’t even hold on to the rail.


I went to the city today for session with my Qur’an teacher. We spent roughly 70-80 mins together and it was just awesome. He always has a guest when I go and they just listen along.

And there were moments he’d recite and I’d just smile and it would hit my heart because it was so sweet and beautiful. The amount of enthusiasm and passion I’ve found in recitation is just phenomenal and unbelievable. I’m living in it.

There’s no way a teenager born an raised in America would prefer this over other things. I swear Allah planted this seed in my heart and I’m doing my best to sprout it and to invest time and push it to it’s potential. All praise belongs to Him.