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Do you have brothers?

dhay3een answered:



YES! zindagichist is my brother and my only brother, I forged his birth certificate and citizenship documents when we had to run away from Iraq and Saddam’s madness in 1994, I wanted him to be safe so I met up with two Afghani couples and told them to keep him since they already had sons, he would blend right in. Then after about two decades tumblr reunited us. I’m very blessed and thankful.

sorry for saying no the first time, I’m still very excited even tho it’s been over a year, still feels like a dream :”) 

I had tuition remaining over and I didn’t want to increase a loan or take out another one. So I gave my credit card and they swiped it. Ya boy dropped $641 on college tuition. My heart sank. You know how many times I can fill my gas up with that? That’s like 90% of airline ticket to Najaf.


I hate to say this but some Shia have taken the name of Ali and his family (ع) as a piece of cheap carpet to promote themselves.  It’s much much more prevalent than you think once you start connecting the dots.