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There’s an article floating around that asks who is the most knowledgable Marjaa’ today and the picture of a certain scholar is up there and like I’m like ?????

Please tell me how his status was upgraded from a regular cleric to a Ayatullah overnight so he could fill a specific position. I find it disappointing when he’s up there next to the great scholars of our time.


zindagichist it’s a quatrain by a pakistani poet where he questions why the universe doesn’t understand that any erred person cannot become a ruler

then the last 2 lines are “in addition to the ahl al-bayt anyone in this world can do khilafat, but they cannot do imamat”


I always go to Al Khoei for Salaatul Eid. Like always. Their Khutba isn’t no political nonsense. And their breakfast is nice, simple and lovely.

I remember one time the sermons finished and people started coming downstairs for breakfast. They started Zyaraat Warith and I just dropped everything and stood their facing the Qibla. The people inside were eating like nothing is going on.

This one guy comes and yells at them in Urdu, and they all stand up and feel embarrassed.

It sounded something along the lines of “Get up! Are you not ashamed of yourselves? Zyaraat is going on! You owe everything to them!”

I laughed a little inside :P

May I take a second to thank all of you for sharing those Duas which I posted throughout the month of Ramadhan?  Alhamdulilah it reached thousands, literally.  20 thousand and some change to be precise.  

I wish to spread the Sadaqah Jariyah unto everyone who shared it so from the bottom of my heart, thank you :)