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The best way to contribute to ignorance is to teach others. Not every Muslim has had the blessing to be taught Islamic history (myself included).

I completely understand where you’re coming from and I agree, I do my best to teach others when the opportunity arises.  But I think it also has to do with self interest.  I never learned history in Sunday school to the degree that I know now.  I picked up a book and read or I listened to a lecture.  No one ever taught me .. I just think majority of the Ummah is lethargic when it comes to such matters, or they take the word of their local Imam and that’s it.  They themselves don’t go the extra step. 





Guys you really should stop rebloging posts which say “iman ali (AS)” if your going to reblog one of the posts at least take “(AS)” off. It should be (RA) or nothing at all. Maasalama.

How anyone can be unsure of Allah being pleased…

Why on earth would God not be pleased with Umar (RA)?
Gosh. Just go about your business and stop talking such nonsense. If you disagreed with this post you could simply scroll past and save me the hassle of seeing these crappy comments on my post. May Allah guide us all.

Hmm, well let’s see .. for starters, the attack on the house of Hazrat Fatima (SA), the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)?  Or did they forget to mention that during a Khutba …

We just hired 2 new interns.

I know one is bound to get fired. And another one is going away for the summer and he’s not coming back.

But I still am worried. I’m gonna have a talk with my manager tomorrow. Although I established with myself that Allah is the giver of rizq, a talk won’t hurt, right?